What are probiotics

Did you know that the use of probiotics presents a natural and safe way to keep the balance of our intestinal microbiota? These live microorganisms found in fermented food and probiotic medicines are recommended as a treatment and prevention, since a daily use of probiotics helps maintain a healthy intestinal environment. A steady balance of our intestinal microbiota (also called intestinal flora or gut microflora) is important for our well-being, immune system and as a prevention against flatulence, discomfort in the gut and general malaise.

Probiotics or beneficial lactic acid bacteria eliminate harmful bacteria that cause an imbalance to a minimum and help restore the balance in our intestinal microbiota after infections with bacteria and viruses that cause diarrhea. The consumption of probiotics is thus recommended when the count or effects of beneficial bacteria decreases and digestive problems such as flatulence, bloating, infectious or antibiotic diarrhea occur. Such digestive problems can often occur when travelling, changing one’s environment, after eating certain foods or taking antibiotics.

Use probiotics to relieve digestive discomfort

Probiotic medicine can be used as a supportive treatment and also for the maintenance of intestinal microbiota balance. When we consume certain foods such as cabbage, beans, sweetened carbonated drinks, processed food or medicinal products we can experience bloating or flatulence. It is recommended to maintain the microbiota balance with the regular consumption of probiotics in fermented food such as dairy products or in registered medicinal products, since probiotics should be live and ingested in sufficient quantities for them to take effect.

Maintain microbiota balance when taking antibiotics

Taking antibiotics inhibits pathogenic bacteria growth and we can suffer from bloating or even antibiotic-associated diarrhea and intimate problems. To prevent these undesirable symptoms we can use a probiotic remedy that is registered as a medicinal product. It will help restore our microbiota balance with the controlled quality of its production (shared by all other medicines) and thus with the controlled content of the appropriate strains in an adequate amount.

First aid for infectious diarrhea

Bacteria, viruses and protozoans cause intestinal infections that result in diarrhea. We are dehydrated and suffer from an acid-basic imbalance. Probiotic use is recommended with mild to moderate diarrhea, together with rehydration therapy. Probiotic use should start immediately upon the onset of diarrhea and continue until the symptoms disappear completely.

Travelling to foreign countries?

The common unpleasantness associated with travelling is traveller’s diarrhea. A change of environment often results in a foreign bacteria invasion that causes diarrhea. Probiotic medicine is thus an indispensable necessity in your luggage when changing your environment, as a preventative and as a causal therapy for sufficient traveller’s diarrhea relief. Pack a probiotic remedy along with your other basic necessities and let yourself enjoy new and exciting adventures.

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